UNITED KINGDOM: Fish and chip newcomers to take part in Peterhead study trip as part of the National Fish & Chip Awards 2013

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Three fish and chip businesses, both current and past entrants of the Best Newcomer Award category at the National Fish & Chip Awards, organised by Seafish, the authority on seafood, are set to embark on an educational trip to Peterhead (3-4 December), sponsored by Seafood Scotland.


The three shops taking part will be Chamberlains Quality Fish & Chips of Oldbury, Blackstocks Quality Fish & Chips of Chester and Frydays Fish & Chips Emporium of Old St Mellons

The all expenses paid trip will showcase to the attendees the supply channels for Scottish Haddock and Cod to the UK fish and chip shop sector. Finalists will be given an overview of the entire process visiting a number of key sites in the supply chain.


Firstly the three shops will visit Peterhead Fish Market and control tower, providing group members with an excellent opportunity to take in the atmosphere and learn how fish is bought and sold at auction. Visiting the control tower will provide an insight into how the harbour is managed and allow the shops to witness first-hand both the technology involved and also planning required to ensure the many boats using Peterhead Harbour can enter and exit the harbour smoothly.


Secondly, attendees will be given a tour of the harbour itself as well as being shown round a number of fishing vessels allowing attendees to gain a better understanding of the preparation and work that goes in to catching the fish we enjoy as consumers, and also the scale of the operation as a whole.


Finally, the three shops will be taken to the G.H Fillets LTD fish processing unit, to witness first-hand how fish is prepared for sale once it has been caught and landed. Fish enters the market at 07.00 and leaves at 15.00 the same day to ensure the freshest product possible.


Attendees will learn what happens in between these times before the fish is ready for sale. 


Cyril Solomons, Marketing Consultant for Frymax said ” We would like to thank Seafood Scotland and Seafish for their generosity in organising this study trip for three of  the best newcomers to the trade. We are sure this knowledge will further assist them in establishing quality and successful businesses.”


The Best Newcomer Award recognises outstanding new talent entering the fish and chip shop industry and is open to any independent fish and chip takeaway shop, that has been trading for 18 months or less.


Paul Williams, Chief Executive of the competition organisers Seafish said: “We want to ensure that there is a constant flow of new talent into the fish and chip sector and trips of this nature are a great way of supporting these businesses.


“The Peterhead trip represents an opportunity that not many fish and chip businesses get, so we’re pleased to be able to provide it for them. Fish is a vital source of food across the world so it is only right that shops learn more about where it comes from and what the industry as a whole is doing to ensure that it remains a firm favourite for many generations to come.”


Sarah Holymard, marketing manager at Seafood Scotland, said: “Visits like this are a great way for companies to learn about the wide variety of sustainable seafood available from Scotland.  Quality seafood is key to the success of fish and chip shops and we are confident they will be impressed by what they see and learn in Scotland.”


See on www.seafish.org


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