The Aquaculturists: Event: Aquaculture 2013: Craig Browdy wins Distinguished Service award

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The Distinguished Service Award recognises an individual who has made outstanding personal contributions to the US Aquaculture Society and/or the US. aquaculture industry. This award emphasises significant leadership and overall impact in research, education, extension, or industry development in the field of aquaculture.

He has devoted his career to aquaculture and to expanding the aquaculture industry in the United States. He has made significant contributions in research, education, and industry development and has exhibited outstanding leadership within the field.His research interests within shrimp aquaculture have been wide-ranging, including nutrition, health management, physiology, water quality, effluents, analytical techniques, and microbial ecology. He may be best known for his work at the Waddell Mariculture Center in South Carolina which established the research basis for reduced water exchange, enhanced biosecurity, the development of high-intensity shrimp aquaculture techniques in greenhouses using the biofloc approach. While at the Waddell Mariculture Center, his reputation for applied research, his assistance to the research world and leadership in industry was well known.He has served US aquaculture in a variety of position: He has been a strong supporter of the USAS, he was a Marine Scientist with South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Scientific Director for the Waddell Mariculture Center; Assistant Director for SCDNR’s Marine Resources Research Institute, and adjunct professor at several universities. He served as WAS President, Chair of the Book Committee, and an Associate Editor of the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society.  In 2008, he became Aquaculture Research Director for NOVUS developing and applying US products to provide effective alternatives for feed cost reduction and health through nutrition for the global aquaculture industry.

He has devoted his life to furthering aquaculture, especially in ways that address world hunger and that seek to develop commercially viable marine aquaculture in the US He has truly made a difference in developing technologies, training students and industry professionals, and leading the industry by example.

Roy D Palmer‘s insight:

Congratulations Craig Browdy…a true champion

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